SBS Podcast 073

 SBS Podcast 073

Back in action post-vacation!

Awesome lineup of tunes, fantastic interview guest, new stuff in the mix – this episode’s got it all for ya!  We spend our time talking to a truly sweet soul – singer/songwriter Alison Newman – and she’ll fill you in on all kinds of details about her brand-new record in response to our questions – PLUS…we’ll play a tune from the album in advance of it’s release, right here on this very show!  We’ve also got classic cuts from Acharya and A Love Like Pi in the mix today, along with brand-new tunes from The Two’s, Aretha Henry, and Neon Radiation!  Before we turn off the mics for the day, we’ll fill you in on some of the details surrounding the upcoming video-interview with the band Blistur on our show SBS Live This Week this summer – and we’ll also play/discuss the music of Amal Saber & her brand-new single/video that’s been heatin’ up the internet.  Like we’ve been saying from the drop here, this episode’s got it all for ya from the music to the info, debuts to classics…don’t miss out, tune-in & turn-up!


In addition to our interview with Alison Newman, your official show lineup includes:

The Two’s – “Lullaby”

Neon Radiation – “Millionaires”

Aretha Henry – “Hollywood”

Acharya – “Stand”

A Love Like Pi – “Those Days Are Gone”

Alison Newman – “Here With Us Tonight”

Amal Saber – “Azin Ino”

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