SBS Podcast 072

 SBS Podcast 072

Taking you from one side of the musical universe to the other – we got a double-episode special for ya, loaded with tunes & inspiration you KNOW you want, need, and crave for the upcoming summer.  Brand-new music in the mix from School Friends, Justin Llamas, and Mystah Spaulding featuring Grim Singmuf & SK The Magnificent.  We’ll also spin some classic cuts from Sam And The Black Seas, Few Miles South, and FZY.  We’ll get right into the new music of Andy Michaels, Rob Georg, Stephon Foster, and P John Livingston – and we’ll also play an exclusive cut from the upcoming Azwel record!  PLUS we got an interview with the main man over at Cesspool Asylum in an interview today – the one & only Mystah Spaulding has got some serious words of wisdom to drop on ya, plus a whole bunch of new info about what his music is all about & where it’s heading.  You get it all in one episode!  Come get some!


Your official show lineup includes:

Andy Michaels – “Incendiary Heart” Featuring Tiarna Madison

School Friends – “Lygus” / “Swimming To Sink”

Azwel – “Rally On The Surface”

Sam And The Black Seas – “Within Me”

Rob Georg – “Time For Some Ink”

Few Miles South – “On Down The Road”

Stephon Foster – “I’m Not The One” Featuring Noah Soundz

Justin Llamas – “After You”

Mystah Spaulding – “Trevor” Featuring Grim Singmuf & SK The Magnificent

FZY – “Compatibility” / “Voice Of Treason”

P John Livingston – “Thanthaanai Thuthippoamae”

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