Michael Reddington – You Find Out On Your Own

 Michael Reddington – You Find Out On Your Own

Michael Reddington – You Find Out On Your Own – EP Review

Real potential fully-realized here on Michael Reddington’s debut EP, You Find Out On Your Own – if you’re looking for a solid sound in music & voice for pop/rock tunes – you’ve probably just found one today like I have here. I’ll admit…from the picture staring out at me from the Soundcloud page…Michael kind of hits you in a way you might not quite assume; don’t let his pale-complexion fool you – these songs are completely fleshed-out and with a ton of lifeblood running through the veins of Reddington’s song-writing. I found myself immediately digging this EP…these three songs are definitely a reflection of really examining the material at hand, making the absolutely best of it, and stepping out into the music-scene with your shiny new shoes and best foot forward. Reddington shines throughout these three new songs – and the man should be damn proud of himself.

It starts out with the title-track, “You Find Out On Your Own” and a mid-tempo grind on the guitars that sets a gentle-rock nature to the atmosphere just before Michael begins to sing. Personally – I absolutely LOVE this kind of music…it’s rock-based sure, but the pop-sensibilities in the lyrics, vocals and melody are what truly define the outstanding characteristics of how Reddington’s music all blends sweetly together. His understanding of song-writing is completely right up-there with some of the best in modern-music…you can hear it in his words and the way he cleverly weaves them through the verse and chorus. Love his pitch, love his tone, loving the atmosphere he creates in his rhythms…but…we all question what we hear somewhat don’t we? And I get that…you require further proof despite my initial enthusiasm and positive response…totally understood…

So…I once again turn to the man himself, Michael Reddington to help supply that authenticating-support for all the claims I’m making about his greatness here. And wouldn’t you know it – the man has my back AND yours as well, delivering perfectly on “Monotony Lobotomy.” Not only is it extremely accessible through its rhythm & flow – I think this is where Michael demonstrates that real grip on song-writing more than any of the two songs surrounding this gem in the middle. Like many truly smart song-writers out there – he lets the words truly do the work in the melody of “Monotony Lobotomy,” the natural rhythm of the syllables and sounds themselves pretty much dictate and form the melody in the song overall. Now…there’s a SMALL portion of you out there…that would be ready to accuse a guy of being somewhat LAZY when this is the case…and that is a small-number of people that believe this for logical reasons; they’re dead wrong. It takes real focus…real writing…real talent to get a grip on words/vocals to come out in such a smooth & refined combination…and again, Reddington should be extremely proud. Don’t forget – this is a DEBUT – and the guy is killing it, three-for-three, with brilliant lyrics and natural instincts leading him to victory on You Find Out On Your Own.

And though perhaps I’d admit to “Uniform” being the one of the three I’d say was a little-less…SOMETHING by comparison…I’d have no idea how to pinpoint exactly what that might be. It’s a lot more chill and laid back…maybe a little more straight-ahead in the writing; everything still works…maybe with a little more focus on tone than outright-excitement. The passion is still there, maybe even more-so…again, “Uniform” comes out sounding incredible well thought-out & recorded, the performance once again complete perfection. And while I might not have immediately latched onto “Uniform” as quickly as I did the other two tracks, I also found myself singing this melody around the house later on…the impact is there and the tune is absolutely a memorable one.

Impressed? Certainly. Michael Reddington is more than ready for his time in music – and the confidence & precision of his performances here on this EP are all the proof you’d ever need. He’s a genuine song-writer that sings with perfect tone & emotion to match his music & melodies and put forth his natural ability, refined-skills and sweetly-toned rock in the brightest of shining lights on this debut.

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