Mercury & The Architects – “Philosophy Of Hope”

 Mercury & The Architects – “Philosophy Of Hope”

Mercury & The Architects – “Philosophy Of Hope” – Single Review

Well shit, this kind of single would certainly encourage ME to continue with my music career if I had written and performed it like this! Big fan of the sound I’m hearing in Mercury & The Architects, they’ve created a big, big sound full of the perfect blend of 50% pure-grit and 50% beautiful-melody. This is a combination of truly passionate performers that are giving it their audible-all here on their new single “Philosophy Of Hope;” it sounds truly committed and truly incredible.

And to be completely honest in the opening seconds, I had no idea what was about to come at me. It’s probably synth of some sort, but the opening tones sound almost accordion-like. Now…normally that’s not going to throw me off even remotely here after all the crazy sounds I’ve heard through the independent music-scene…but, when combined with rap and piano…I wasn’t even sure where I WAS for a moment. Isn’t that like putting water on your sandwich? I thought there were some things you just don’t do!

It wasn’t more than 16 bars into the verse before I decided I liked what I was hearing from the rapper known as Mercury; the flow is serious in tone and performed with maximum conviction. The metering is great and the words are complete quality as this tone picks up energy throughout – you can hear the audible difference it makes when you put yourself right into the moment and the song you’re recording, and Mercury has pulled that off perfectly here on “Philosophy Of Hope.”

Not ONLY is Mercury just KILLIN it with his amped-up flow, but a minute and twenty-seconds in, something extraordinary happened to me for what I think might be the very first time…

…I looked up the social media pages to discover I was incredibly wrong about Mercury & The Architects.

…let me explain, please…

Here’s how incredibly AMAZING vocalist Maia is – when I listened to this song for the first time without doing the research, I began to assume it was simply a rapper stretching his creativity over a rare-style of hip-hop beat. And THEN…at a minute & twenty-ish into the song, female vocals come BURSTING out, so beautifully, so STRONG that I was absolutely, positively, 100% convinced I was listening to a sampled-in section of a Rihanna song that I hadn’t heard. No bullshit – that’s simply what I expected to find when I looked them up; and instead I found two musical superheroes that collaborate to make the incredible sound I’m finding in Mercury & The Architects. But the VOCALS! What a fantastic voice Maia has; she’s able to match that same passionate/aggressive tone of the rap verse with the strength of tone and performance in her own part.

These two…when this track starts to cook at full-boil…are definitely proving to me here what a unique and as-yet-discovered gem this band really is. Shortly after Maia finishes her first set of vocals, the beat comes back in and this track starts to move from one side of your brain to the other through lyrics, melody and real heart displayed on this song. As Maia comes in for a second time as the track gets closer to the end, she ramps it up even further in her performance and takes her moment for everything its worth; the control she has on her tone and vocals is an astounding find, even in the world of incredible-music we live in.

Together these two have created something truly special here in Mercury & The Architects; these are two artists that have recorded something indicative of so much more…the limitless possibilities that these two could create, conquer and astound us with…one can only dream and imagine. There is absolutely something here…something that’s only going to get stronger and stronger as these two continue to build the creative bond between them and harness their innovations in full. As excellent and well-made as this track truly is, it serves the exact purpose a single intends for; I want more, more, MORE of Mercury & The Architects.

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