Galliano Sommavilla – “The Caper”

 Galliano Sommavilla – “The Caper”

Galliano Sommavilla – “The Caper” – Single Review

As I’ve probably said somewhere in the past along the way in reviewing Galliano Sommavilla’s music, you wouldn’t take on a project that would demand a brand-new song from ya for 365 days straight without having some sort of an idea of how to navigate the ol’ instruments & studio boards folks.  Rest assured, the man’s a pro when it comes to the quality of sound and you’ll always get his best in that respect, and the different concepts & soundscapes he creates always provide ya with something unique from what you heard the last time out with whatever it is Sommavilla has done already, or will do next.

All positives for sure…and ultimately I’ve got no substantial complaints when it comes to this song from the 365 set, “The Caper,” which came in at number 263 from the original lineup.  Is it my favorite cut from the Galliano Sommavilla collection?  No, it’s not really…I have no problem being upfront about that – and I’m certainly not to suggesting that “The Caper” is in any way, shape, or form some kind of weak tune – it’s not that either.  Let’s be real here…we all like what we like & sometimes things come down to personal taste when you’ve had multiple experiences with an artist’s or band’s music – once you know what it is you connect with, that’s generally what you’re seeking out.  At this point in my own experience with Galliano’s music, I know what it is I like from the man sound-wise and kind of have my favorite gear that Sommavilla is often found in, and “The Caper” explores a different style than that, plain & simple.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that whatsoever, and like I said from the get-go here, the quality never drops; believe me when I say, it’s not like I’d ever turn the guy’s music off, I just like other things he does better is all.  Does that make ME the one to blame for my reaction – or the artist himself for having created so many incredible tunes in the past that I’ve heard along the way?  I say point all the fingers at Galliano.

Plus – how’s the guy ever gonna know that I am being real with him when I say I love something if I’m not willing to point out what I might simply like along the way, or perhaps not like at all?  I’ll admit, the latter case seems incredibly unlikely with the dedicated passion & overall quality that you’ll find on any given Sommavilla tune…but as far as pointing out something I don’t dig as much in comparison to the rest, it really only strengthens the value of anything else I’ve said in the past already.  Let me be crystal clear though…just so we’re all on the exact same page – “The Caper” is a really freakin’ good tune – for most music makers out there, heck, it’d be an A-side cut and probably one of their best overall.  As far as Galliano’s own tunes, it’s still more than a valid contribution to the 365 day set and a great cut to listen to – let’s face facts, he’s set a superhumanly high standard for his tunes…like I’ve been tellin’ ya, I ain’t turning it off by any means and I’ve taken several spins through this inventive nearly seven-minute track.  To be even more real with ya, the very idea of cracking the bat 100% of the time for a full 365 day stretch would be a monumental achievement for any artist out there…and assuming you’d play it similarly to how Galliano has, in diversifying the sound & keeping it interesting for yourself as you’d take it on guarantees versatility for sure, but also wildly intensifies the odds of finding the occasional track here & there that might just be outside of your own personal taste or what you dig listening to normally.  When I listen to “The Caper” I pretty much think to myself, “hey, right on, good tune” – and have no problem getting right into the groove as it plays, and I have fun along with it.  It’s even got this like…I dunno how to describe it…it’s like…I suppose it’s kinda like what you’d imagine the soundtrack to Miami Vice would be like for a videogame version of the show…”The Caper” sounds like what the title implies in that respect, and as listeners, we feel like we’re on an adventure when it comes to the structure and design.  Things like that tiny keyboard addition around the 3:15 mark make a huge difference in keeping me onboard and giving us all something else to listen to along the way; there are several examples of this, mind you, I’m just pointing out one that worked for me personally.  I also really liked the bold dramatic sound that comes in to strengthen the melodic hook about a minute later, and the bass-lines that surge throughout this tune in a quick & steady pattern.  Plus…I mean…so many things factor in how we listen to & experience music overall – I’m sitting here in a studio chair in front of a computer screen and listening to “The Caper” and I’m digging it enough – but c’mon now folks, if I was out there cruising the city streets in my ride late at night, or out there flyin’ down the highway at full speed?  It could verifiably be a whole different story in terms of how a track like this could be received.  Like I’ve been tellin’ ya, with Galliano being such an extraordinarily gifted natural talent, he really can’t help but keep you entertained, and “The Caper” still qualifies mightily in that regard.  In a 365 day-long set of songs, it’s tough to argue that every cut could conceivably be a memorable one for any artist or band that would take such a mammoth task on…and time will tell the real tale on whether or not “The Caper” is in that regard.  I’m realistic – I’ve only had it for a short time myself, and you all know how much music I’m listening to constantly – I suspect this might be one of those cuts I might not always remember, but one I’ll always enjoy hearing.

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