Galliano And The Sommavillains – “Chill Me Now”

 Galliano And The Sommavillains – “Chill Me Now”

When it comes to movies & music-videos, in my opinion, you can never go wrong with the one-shot.

From current cinematic experiences like 1917 or Birdman, to then-underground extravaganza’s like the unmatchable brilliance of videos like “Mr. Krinkle” by Primus back in the day, it’s a tried, tested, and true way to guarantee my attention – I’m won’t even remotely pretend to hide my bias – I love the one-shot!

And it just so happens, as you may have noticed over these past couple weeks, I’ve been quite enjoying digging right into the whole world of sound that Galliano Sommavilla has been creating over these past several years.  We’ve reviewed a handful of tracks from his ultra-ambitious 365-day track-a-day marathon of creative inspiration – and in the process, I’ve also been checking out other random stuff from the past catalog along the way, including this gem here, featuring his band at the time, known cleverly as The Sommavillains.  I’m a writer – you better believe I’ve got a lot of love for a wordsmithed title like that is.  Yesterday we reviewed the more current version of “Chill Me Now” released through the albums Galliano put out solo through his 365-day’s worth of songs collected – and today we see through the video that the inspiration for that moment came from about five or so years ago.  Brilliantly shot on that one-shot style I love so damn much, the camera revolves around the room while the band jams out on this smooth groove, and each time you see them onscreen & the background surrounding, you’ll see that things are constantly moving, changing, and keepin’ ya fully entertained through the art of the reveal.

Now…there’s one-shot videos that purport themselves to be that way, and some that truly ARE – don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of both, but I certainly have a hell of a lot of respect for the latter.  Understand that what you’re watching onscreen in the video for “Chill Me Now,” much like “Mr. Krinkle” from back in the 90s, is all shot in REAL-time.  If you think it’s easy to pull something like this off, you’re insane; Galliano And The Sommavillians would have been hustling their nuts off to get changed in time before the camera would come around again.  In fact, it’s not even speculation – I know it to be true; for you see dear readers, dear friends – not only have I been enjoying the man’s music, but I’ve been absorbing a whole ton of late-night scotch-induced tales across the internet from Galliano as well…and hearing all about the making of “Chill Me Now” and the challenge it became was an absolute riot.  Check it out for yourself – and consider everything I’ve told ya – believe me, it makes it that much more awesome to experience just knowing how it got made and how quickly everything has to fall into place in order for a video like this to get made.  The end results are as rad as the song without question – this is all-out fun.

And even though I told ya yesterday I wasn’t playing favorites in posting up the newer version of “Chill Me Now” in review first – now that both variations are here on our pages, I feel comfortable in saying that, with the added advantage of the video that comes with it, I think I side with this full-band approach.  I mean…c’mon now…those bass-lines from Tony Mazziotta alone are worth the price of admission!  Then you add in the genuine allure & subtle rumble of the guitars from Gary Ritchie, and the crisp snare & wide-spread cymbal sounds from drummer David Isaacs to go along with the main hooks provided by Galliano’s steady synthetic keys – and the dancers & hula-hoopin’ goin’ on in between – it’s like a full-on visual combination of the worlds between psychedelic & professional in the most pleasing of hybrid ways.  It’s verifiable proof that Galliano Sommavilla has always been making music we can all truly groove on, and certainly more confirmation that he’s been having a whole lot of fun in the process.

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