Dynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science

 Dynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science

Dynamics Plus – The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science – Album Review

Sooooooo…..yeahhhhhh. This is about as sick as it can get. Honestly…was it supposed to all come out THIS good?

This is ‘Gift-Of-Gab’ quality; you know, the dude that once rapped the periodic table of elements for the excellent hip-hop group Blackalicious? Seriously! Dynamics Plus has literally put together a lyrically perfect album here on The Dynamic Universe Volume 9: Rocket Science – one that shows this emcee could easily rhyme circles around the rest. I am not even remotely kidding people – the way this all comes together so incredibly, it’s very clear that someone….ahem….Dynamics Plus, is raising the bar for talent mighty, mighty high up and out of reach for most rappers that will ever have the experience of holding a mic.

Cause chances are, in comparison to Dynamics Plus, that’s exactly what they’re doing; holding it.

This absolutely astounding rapper brings a hip-hop flavor to his game and demonstrates his monstrous ability to put an entire dictionary’s worth of words into any 16-bars right off the drop in the INTRO track. I mean…he’s not taking a single moment off here! “Rocket Science Intro Esper Wish” will convince you straight-up and leave no doubt that you are about to go on a completely wild ride filled with rhymes designed to invade your mind.

“Phase Shift” comes out BIG right away, picking up the energy after the more-subtle intro track. But listen to the STYLE, listen to the SKILL, listen to the metering, the lyrics…I mean, Dynamics Plus literally HAS to have a foothold or a view into mainstream-life…there’s just way too much skill here to ignore. Each rhyme could just as easily make you take a moment to sit and think, as they might just make you laugh – but there’s no question about it; you’ll be glued to each and every word coming through sparklingly clear over the mic.

You’ll experience the lighter-side of Dynamics Plus…I’m pretty sure that’s an extremely apt name after everything I’ve heard…I mean, it starts out with more energy and punch than you’ll find on 90% of the albums out there; and let me tell you…no matter how intense tracks like “Summer Anthem,” or “Hug The Pole” might be…or how funny some of these tales can be; the interlude “Skit Callus Interruptus” is prrrretttttty much hilarious enough to make you quickly spit out whatever you got in your mouth; there is a whole other level of energy still to come just around the corner. But for now…we’ll pretend I’m still listening for the first time out…

His ability to find something completely new to bring to any beat is uncanny. Something like “A Perfect Night/A Perfect World” almost hits an R&B-meets-Big-Band groove…but again, there’s never a moment where you’ll hear him sound out of place, or anything other than right at home no matter what style the beat is that comes his way. “Plenty To Say,” is another example of this kind of cross-genre cut; though it’s a strange one…I can’t quite put my finger on it…

…I think what it is, is just that I thought the ‘hook’ was one of the weaker ones I guess, despite an extremely convincing and amazing performance by the female vocalist. Each time this track comes on, I seem to like it more though…so maybe there is something there. At present, this wonderful lady is what sells me on this track as that is one completely committed performance, you can hear the heartbreak and emotion audibly come through radiantly.

But here we ARE; I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the last time I heard it, which REALLY wasn’t all that long ago…I’d say approximately 52 minutes and change… “Turn It Up A Few Degrees” is one of the most exciting tunes I’ve heard from the hip-hop genre in a long time…if this isn’t played in every stadium as the ball-players get their warm-up on…then this world is behind by more than just a beat. Absolutely killer grind on this track; it’s all about the energy as Dynamics Plus once again puts the words on display with another wicked flow and tricky lyrics all crammed-in and perfectly metered-out. But does he “Turn It Up A Few Degrees?” Yes. The answer is a definite yes…and then some!

“Dominator Brainstorm” comes out kickin hard in the style of something almost like N.E.R.D. would have done back when they first debuted, and were awesome. This track is a complete mover; and as Dynamic Plus drops knowledge bombs on how to make the most out of your writing and lyrics…you can best believe I’ve got my notepad out. What an absolutely sick & dynamic beat he found for this track, completely up-tempo with Dynamic Plus rising to the challenge and delivering syllable after syllable.

The beats continue to be every bit as innovative. Lyrically…Dynamics Plus is just an absolute beast! I can’t get over the opening lines of “Grace Notes;” the slick way he can deliver these rhymes is so smooth you won’t believe it’s not butter. Thumping with an extraordinary and completely original electro groove, this track hits all the right notes and is a real highlight on this album in amongst some proven-stellar material.

The thick & slow-burning intensity of “Sunrise To Sunset” is right where I’m at right now. This purposely glitch-filled electro-track is completely atmospheric, and once again Dynamics Plus has no problem finding a creative way for him to fit into the beat. The low-end of this track takes you right into the basement of the bottom-floor; I love it.

“What Comes Up” is a return to the lighter-side, though definitely not through the lyrics, just the music. Again, really subtle beat, but man is this effective. There’s no real slowing down for Dynamics Plus; even on the slowest jam you’ll find him rhyming circles around the beat…kind of like some sort of crazy Inception-style rapper, finding a beat within a beat within a beat. Whatever it is or how ever he does it; it’s crystal clear that this guy has the style, skills and intuition to make outstanding music that comes through sparkling out of your speakers. Ending on his most light-hearted moment, “The Ultimate Year,” becomes a final anthem and lasting impression; creating a real party track and never dropping his word count for even a crossword-puzzle – Dynamics Plus has made truly memorable material here that definitely warrants some valuable ear-time.

Find out more directly from his page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dynamics-Plus/112125078834120

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