• 0177 - Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album III

    So many awesome memories from Man Made Lake taking over the studio in 2014!  They’ve got a brand-new album out this year called Godless and continue to thrive out there in the music-scene…check out some more shots from our time with them from a couple years back!
  • 0176 - Lung Flower (Live @ The Astoria 2015)

    One of the raddest things about the music-scene in Vancouver, B.C., is also one of the aspects people complain most about…the ever-changing landscape of where bands can/can’t play.  We’ve seen brutal closures from Richards On Richards, Funky Winkerbeans and The Railway Club…in addition to dozens-upon-dozens more…but let’s not forget they tend to open up again ...
  • 0175 - Jer @ SBS Album V

    April is always a good time to release more pictures of this particular April Fool!  Enjoy!
  • 0174 - The Pit (Live @ The Cellar 2013) Album III

    The Pit! Fuckin’ love these guys – and this was definitely a show to remember.  We had everything run through the soundboards on this one and caught their music from an entirely different angle as they played live from the stage at The Cellar in Vancouver.  Big crowd, lots of support…The Pit went out and ...
  • 0173 - Closer Album IV

    Easily one of the bands we’ve been most excited about since their inception – noise-rock band from Vancouver, Closer, has been kicking ass and taking names onstage throughout the city spreading gritty rock and damn good times.  Currently brewing up a set of new material in 2017…they’re hibernating through winter, writing and recording like all ...
  • 0172 - Throttlecaster Album II

    In late 2012, there was a tiny new studio that had opened-up in Abbotsford, British Columbia.  The people in-charge at the time, including yours truly, had NO idea what to expect or really any idea of what they were doing.  In an effort to introduce people to the studio, I had decided free interviews in-house ...
  • 0171 - HEAD Music Video Shoot Album V

    The continued photo-adventures of our time shooting the video for Vancouver electro-rock band HEAD to create the video for their single “Sex Like Rock Stars” in 2016 – check out some more shots of the band from behind the scenes and in front of them too – all taken at Sanctuary studios on location!
  • 0170 - Whiskey Kings Album II

    Been a while since we heard from the ol’ Whiskey Kings…hopefully they’re still out there and kickin’ it onstage somewhere!  Since last we checked in with them on SBS Live This Week, lead-singer/guitarist Rick Speke and drummer Corey McPherson have started launching their new band Amberola – so in one way, shape or form…the music ...
  • 0169 - West My Friend Album III

    When we first met West My Friend in 2013, we met a slightly different lineup with Adam on the bass and their opening act Brett Wildeman with them as well; we had a great chat with the folk-band from Vancouver Island but we didn’t get a chance to see them play that time around as ...
  • 0168 - The Pit (Live @ The Media Club 2013) Album III

    Our hairy heroes from The Pit put on one of the most memorable shows we’ve ever seen in the first time we’d ever even had a chance to see them play live outside our own studio at The Media Club in Vancouver.  Absolute rock-chaos and it cemented our bro-love for this band beyond words.  Great ...