• 0204 - The Pit (Live @ Lana Lou's 2017)

    As most of you already know, we’d already moved sleepingbagstudios across Canada in early 2016 – but there’s very little that can keep us away from The Pit if we can help it!  So in 2017, on a trip back home, the boys (Tyler Hutton – drums/Trevor Hutton – guitar) booked a last minute show ...
  • 0203 - The Breeders (Live @ The Commodore 2015) Album II

    Tucked underneath my beard, I still managed to keep the hidden camera pointed towards the stage clearly enough to capture the legendary set from when The Breeders toured the anniversary of their Last Splash record at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver in 2015.  I didn’t know cameras weren’t allowed until I got in there…and given ...
  • 0202 - The Pit (Live @ The Railway Club 2015)

    These champions!  The twin badasses in heavy-rock/grunge-band The Pit filled in a bill with Blackout Lights opening up for Aztec returning to The Railway Club in 2015 – both openers on short notice, coming through like complete heroes at the last minute and crushing their sets for a crowd full of thirsty beer-swizzlin’ music-fans.  It ...
  • 0201 - Modern Day Poets Album II

    Word on the street is that the Modern Day Poets might be finished…but the legacy & memories live on!  If you check out their last post on social media, it’s a bit cryptic to say the least…but it’s not without some hope either.  It implies that if the band itself doesn’t carry on, that they’ll ...
  • 0200 - Jer @ SBS Album VI

    Recovering from the local craft beer festival this year here last night in Ottawa, and taking a Sunday off to celebrate my wife’s birthday – so here’s some shots of my mug throughout the sleepingbagstudios journey to keep you company whilst I’m away for twenty-four hours or so.  Probably less…y’all know me…
  • 0199 - Whiskey Kings (Live @ Studio 2016)

    The Whiskey Kings are no longer around, but man they sure put on a great time live when the opportunity came up!  Check out some still shots from when we had a chance to check the band out for the first time in 2016 when they played the stage at Studio in Vancouver, BC!
  • 0198 - Lung Flower Music Video Shoot

    Absolutely one of the most badass experiences we’ve ever had.  Filming sludge-grunge band Lung Flower two days prior to packing up the studio in BC in 2016 to move to Ottawa, Ontario was INSANE – talk about a tight schedule!  We filmed their video for “Beyond Burnt Out” and found a perfect abandoned shack in ...
  • 0197 - The Penske File Album II

    Out of Burlington, Ontario – The Penske File has a brand-new record called Salvation that has just been released in 2018…go get yourself some of that!  Awesome to see James, Alex, and Travis still kicking ass in the music-scene…The Penske File generates a ton of well-deserved buzz every time they put something out or plug ...
  • 0196 - Stone Poets Album III

    There’s a brand-new album out there right now from Vancouver-based folk-band Stone Poets, just released & called Smoke And Mirrors – so what better time than now to revisit our time with the band way back in 2013 with a few leftover shots from their time at sleepingbagstudios?  Enjoy!
  • 0195 - Kristia Di Gregorio Album III

    More shots from our time with the wonderfully expressive & artistic musical-goddess Kristia Di Gregorio from her time on SBS Live This Week alongside her husband/music-partner Tony.  I’ve said it a ton and I’ll say it again – these two are beautiful people inside & out – an absolute pleasure to have in the studio ...