• 0209 - West My Friend (Live @ Langley Farmer's Market 2013) Album II

    Our beloved Indie-Folk band out of Victoria, BC!  West My Friend has enjoyed several years of success out there in the independent music-scene & been able to travel the globe on tour.  Back in 2013, we had the opportunity to see the band playing live outside at the Farmer’s Market in Langley, beautiful sunny day, ...
  • 0208 - This Day Burns (Live @ Olympia 2014) Album III

    Probably the final set of shots we’ve got for this band…This Day Burns officially retired a couple years back now.  The players live on though, that’s for sure; as far as I know, Jon, Jasmine and Chris from TDB are all on to new projects…as for Skye, not entirely sure…he was in Vaultry right before ...
  • 0207 - Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album IV

    Forever to be known as one of the raddest experiences we’ve ever witnessed – Man Made Lake playing live right in front of us for hours & hours in the ol’ SBS studio garage back in BC in 2014.  They were hot off the release of their second record around then…and by the time all ...
  • SBS Best New Sound 2018 Details!

    “He’s making a list, he’s checking it tw…..” You KNOW I’m checking my top ten list of the year a whole lot more than twice, that’s for sure!  It is that magical, wonderful, most-awesome part of the year where we finally get to start releasing the nominations for 2018’s BEST NEW SOUND here at SBS, ...
  • 0206 - Abandon Paris (Live @ Studio 2016)

    Vancouver’s own band of fusion-sound and pure energy, Abandon Paris makes their own special brand of Rock/Pop/Reggae & much more.  Always a wild live show to check out with spectacular vocalists and killer players made up from veterans of the local-scene – take a look at some visual proof of that by taking a gander ...
  • 0205 - Vaultry (Live @ The Biltmore 2017)

    All good things, ladies and gentlemen, come to an end…as is the case for Victoria-based band Vaultry unfortunately.  They had an amazing run…they had a history unlike many bands out there starting out…and all things said & done, they went on to put out two extremely killer records with the Coven EP and their album ...
  • 0204 - The Pit (Live @ Lana Lou's 2017)

    As most of you already know, we’d already moved sleepingbagstudios across Canada in early 2016 – but there’s very little that can keep us away from The Pit if we can help it!  So in 2017, on a trip back home, the boys (Tyler Hutton – drums/Trevor Hutton – guitar) booked a last minute show ...
  • 0203 - The Breeders (Live @ The Commodore 2015) Album II

    Tucked underneath my beard, I still managed to keep the hidden camera pointed towards the stage clearly enough to capture the legendary set from when The Breeders toured the anniversary of their Last Splash record at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver in 2015.  I didn’t know cameras weren’t allowed until I got in there…and given ...
  • 0202 - The Pit (Live @ The Railway Club 2015)

    These champions!  The twin badasses in heavy-rock/grunge-band The Pit filled in a bill with Blackout Lights opening up for Aztec returning to The Railway Club in 2015 – both openers on short notice, coming through like complete heroes at the last minute and crushing their sets for a crowd full of thirsty beer-swizzlin’ music-fans.  It ...
  • 0201 - Modern Day Poets Album II

    Word on the street is that the Modern Day Poets might be finished…but the legacy & memories live on!  If you check out their last post on social media, it’s a bit cryptic to say the least…but it’s not without some hope either.  It implies that if the band itself doesn’t carry on, that they’ll ...