• SBS Podcast 009

    RAD interview in between Ryan @ SBS & Steve Barmash of Blackout Lights.  Come learn about his Van-city based grunge-rock/alternative band, hear a classic tune from their last EP and a BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE TUNE from the upcoming “Blaster EP” being released THIS MONTH!  But YOU can hear it FIRST – right here on the ...
  • SBS Podcast 008

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh snap!  Ryan @ SBS talks with Kyle Schepens of the indie-pop/rock-alternative band AZTEC! We also hit up some music from Montreal’s Oh My Snare! As if that wasn’t enough…we’ve got some awesome music from Stocatta on the show…good ol’ Canadian mix & mayhem on the podcast today – come check it out!
  • SBS Podcast 006

    Latest episode of the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer is up with Part I of an interview/music with Pinto And The Bean & additional music from The Yellow Dress and Man Made Lake – check it out!
  • SBS Podcast 004

    New podcast with Ryan & Jer @ SBS where Ryan talks to Ryan Rutherford of noise-rock band CLOSER in an official 1-on-1 Ryan-off! Check out a new sample-cut from the upcoming split EP from Closer and fellow dark-grunge-rock-band Fey as we preview a new song, play the lead single from Fey’s album Bye Bipolar and ...
  • SBS Podcast 002

    New episode of the SBS Podcast with hosts Ryan and Jer talking about what the show is about, different things happening out in the music-scene and playing tracks from Trevino, Fu Kon Riots and Solomon Vaughn – check it out below and see what’s up!
  • SBS Podcast 001

    Check out the first officially posted & produced episode of the SBS Podcast with Ryan & Jer coming out from right here in the comfort of good ol’ sleepingbagstudios! Episode 001 has Ryan from SBS giving you some insight on what the show is gonna be all about in the future to come, as well ...