• Along Came Life

    This might just be the most personally revealing interview we’ve ever had through sleepingbagstudios. Going about our interviews and doing the research we feel is essential and necessary has certainly yielded some very emotional and captivating interviews in our past written work and on our show SBS Live This Week – but this one stands out ...
  • Charles Corby

    Now here’s something! I want you all to meet Charles Corby from Australia – an up-and-coming singer songwriter from Australia with both something to say and something to eventually show us all once that new album is officially out…. In writing this I thought the challenge of the interview would be provided from just not ...
  • Nicolas & The Iceni

    It’s on days like this and at times like these where I can take a moment and really appreciate why we do what we do at sleepingbagstudios. It wasn’t always every day that I was contacted by bands and artists from across the globe to talk about music, and when it happens I can’t help ...
  • K-Bass

    One of the things I can’t help but love and appreciate the most about what we do through these interviews is the fact that we can reach creative and inspirational minds from all over the globe. Today we’re proud to present you another one of those very people – K-Bass. You already know that I ...
  • Andy Ruck

    When singer/songwriters and bands contact us on an international level it always seems to work out in a very interesting experience for us. Andy Ruck was no exception to this – this Irishman provided not only songs full of heartfelt melodies, but an album with a clear and pointed view on experiences he’s dealt with ...
  • Treehouse!

    If I close my eyes I can go back to a place where a younger version of my journalistic self exists and is still frustrated with e-mail format interviews. I can specifically remember the first time I had gotten a hold of a band that really means a lot to me today still, an Australian band ...
  • Adam Drew

    There are some people that exist in this world that need to be heard for their insights and points of view. Just like we brought you the CINGED interview this week on SBS Live – we’re also super STOKED to show off this tremdous solo performer with something to say musically and through his words here ...
  • Manteye

    Sometimes all it takes to get a good sense of someone is just a little communication. If I manage to sleep at all, I wake up in the morning to fantastic conversations left behind only hours before and instantly continue the dialogue…. Mark Manthei of Manteye is one of those communicators. Whether it’s through his music or ...
  • Gameday Regulars

    It’s always interesting – no matter what I send out into the void during these interview arrangements on internet articles, it still always surprises me to see what comes back. Some artists have a TON to say – and some artists don’t so much – but they still have that want and need to connect to ...
  • Phillip Foxley

    I had the privilege of interviewing Phillip Foxley, blues/rock guitarist and singer/songwriter from the U.K. Each time I play a song it’s an adventure….and sometimes it feels so familiar….. Philip has influences like we all do – but he is NO copy. His style and songs brought me back to a place where I spent many years diving ...