• Rick Shaffer

    Well…readers you know that I cannot tell you any lies…this one was a tough one for me to read back…but a very rewarding experience in doing so.  There’s a wide array of emotion in this interview with Rick Shaffer, whom we just reviewed recently for his solo-album Jitterbug Shake; some of them heated, passionate, direct ...
  • Pinto & The Bean

    Presumably…many of you out there reading are in bands or finding your way into music right now… I often get asked about ‘how’ to answer interview questions from people that haven’t had much experience yet – and today we are not talking to those people. No…today, we’re talking to two musical masterminds and interview geniuses…Paul ...
  • Dynamics Plus

    Time to get REAL.  Dynamics Plus has been going his own route, doing things his own way and finding tremendous new ideas and ways to innovate through his music in a completely organic way.  I’ve been hooked on the dude and his creative rhymes since reviewing one of his latest albums here at SBS and ...
  • †he Chris†ian S†oners

    Interview with †he Chris†ian S†oners SBS:  My first question!  Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us everyone!  I have to start is by asking why the band name is †he Chris†ian S†oners? †he Chris†ian S†oners:  Our manager said it’s best to not answer this question. SBS:  I had a hard time finding ...
  • "Knife" Sotelo

    Things are about to get plenty real. It’s been my pleasure to take some time to ask “Knife” Sotelo some questions and find out about his life in Nu-Metal and what sets him apart from the rest. We cover the map from personal philosophies to music and perhaps for the first time in my life…I’m ...
  • Eyes Like Oceans Interview

    Gotta say it was an extreme pleasure to talk to Kristoffer Szczerbicki of Eyes Like Oceans.  In a somewhat rare occurrence here on our pages I found out doing my research and briefly chatting with KS that he was formerly in the band Amy’s Ashes – a band I not only knew of but still ...
  • Interview with Paul Belbusti of Mercy Choir

    Definitely inviting you all to check out some pretty wicked & wise words from the mind behind the music of Mercy Choir, visionary artist Paul Belbusti.  The music of Mercy Choir ranges in sound & scope…I truly wasn’t sure quite what would come back through the answers here in this interview…but I knew I’d want ...
  • Interview With Santa Semeli And The Monks

    Interview With Santa Semeli And The Monks SBS: Thank you so much SSATM! Appreciate you stopping by our pages! For those that don’t know about you and your sound already, let’s get a bit of history…how did the two of you meet and how would you describe the sound of SSATM? SSATM: Hello! We are ...
  • Interview with Fey

    As many of you already know one of my absolute favorite sounds out there in our local scene, or any scene that deals with dark & dirty sounds, is that it’s coming from the blasting amplifiers of the explosive band Fey.  We recently reviewed their album Bye Bipolar around its release online at the beginning ...
  • Stuart Styron Interview

    I’d very much like you all to meet a new friend of mine, Stuart Styron. While I confess I’ve never ‘met him’ per say, at least not physically; getting to know him through this interview experience has been a complete and utter pleasure. He’s not only a very talented artist with a pure-insight into music ...