• Gerald Milton

    Gerald Milton Interview SBS: Gerald Milton – thanks so much for taking some time to talk music with us brother! I’ll help bring us all up to the current with what I know…you’re a sound-engineer, recording artist and entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria… What got you to the point that you’re at in your music/career – ...
  • Bruce Cohen

    What a gentleman! What a truly, truly pleasant personality to talk music with! Hey everybody – meet Bruce! Hey Bruce – meet everyone else! Stoked to be able to share this with you…seriously, this guy was extremely generous with his time and answers and has a TON of amazing insight/awesomeness to contribute to your brainwaves. ...
  • T-REXZ

    Interview with T-REXZ SBS: Dude! Homie! Brother! Thanks so much for taking some time with us TREXZ!  Stoked to be able to talk music with you today…or…well…at least I’m assuming we’re going to talk some aren’t we? I noticed in your bio on some of the pages reads ‘don’t talk about it be about it’ ...
  • Billy Grima

    Interview with Billy Grima SBS: Billy! Thanks so much for joining us and talking some music with us today! I’m gonna switch things up a little here in this interview today and start with a combination of how I usually start, but also how I tend to end it all off as well…so we’re combining ...
  • William Elvin

    Interview with William Elvin SBS: William – thanks so much for joining us and taking some time to talk to us all! We are about half a world away from each other location-wise with you being based in Hong Kong and us here in Canada; and as I was sitting here typing this out at ...
  • James Moore

    When I first looked into James Moore, CEO of Independent Music Promotions and author of the book Your Band Is A Virus…I had no real purpose other than to see what options were out there for independent musicians and poke around for information; it was sheer curiosity and a quest for knowledge that took me ...
  • Ken Fox

    SO COOL to talk with Ken Fox – what a genuinely rad guy! As I’ve mentioned…November has been an inspiring month already in meeting some truly focused artists & bands, and Ken Fox is one of them for certain.  I really enjoyed this interview personally…it was awesome to talk about the new Echoes EP with ...
  • Colin Arthur Wiebe

    Lately we’ve had the extreme good-fortune of being able to talk to some extraordinary artists & bands all at very exciting times in their lives & careers.  From Modern Day Poets stopping by the studio for a recent taping of SBS Live This Week, to recent interviews done with Ken Fox and here with Colin ...
  • Langston Hughes III

    Check out the latest interview we took on with Charlie Dawk da Superstar and Maximillion of the hip-hop crew Langston Hughes III.  After taking an extended hiatus due to that thing called LIFE…these two skilled emcees, along with their brother-in-arms on the beats Da Moja DJ Cory B are back, reformed and stronger than ever ...
  • Santa Lucia LFR

    Interview With Santa Lucia LFR SBS: Before I even get into the questions Santa Lucia, thank you so much for being here with us on our internet-page and being a part of our journey. Totally stoked to talk to you about the wild-infusion and exotic sounds of your music. German: Thank you! It’s a pleasure ...