• Kozie

    This month at the homepage, interviews are being sent out all over the place.  We’ve sent out a bunch this August and we’re gonna keep that roll going strong throughout the rest of 2017 for ya with a bunch of 10-question interviews that are the same for all, so we can see/hear/identify what those common ...
  • Melonvine

    Melonvine Interview SBS:  Welcome Melonvine – stoked to have you in this interview with us – I love what I’ve heard from the latest self-titled EP & there’s lots I want to talk to you fellow Canadians about!  Everything I heard from the new record made me think of my own hometown in Vancouver, BC ...
  • The Infidel Netwerk

    The Infidel Netwerk Interview SBS:  Brother-man!  Appreciate you taking some time out of your day to talk to me – it’s been a while!  That being said…I’ve known you long enough to know that anytime you’re silent it’s also because you’ve been super-busy; and just because I haven’t heard from you for a while doesn’t ...
  • William Elvin

    A sincere, warm-welcome back to William Elvin of William Elvin And The Circus Tour to our pages once again for another interview!  I had an absolutely amazing time talking with him about the expansion & evolution of his music over time and what’s currently inspiring him along his adventures. Now…I know he’s a thoughtful writer ...
  • Tjoe Man Cheung

    Interview with Tjoe Man Cheung! SBS:  Hello and welcome to our pages Tjoe!  I’ve spent my past couple days looking into your music and what you’ve been up to…and MAN you have definitely been busy for the past while with all kinds of projects on the go.  Before we get into all that though…I’m curious ...
  • M.V.A.

    Interview with M.V.A. SBS:  M.V.A.!  Hello and welcome to our pages my friend.  You’ve gone by a few different names throughout your career & time in music…tell us a bit about your history and the music you made previously, and let us know a bit about what led to the switch to M.V.A. M.V.A.:  Hi ...
  • Alicia Seymour

    Interview with Alicia Seymour SBS:  Alicia!  First and foremost, let me extend a massive thank-you to you for your time with us here!  I’ve had an absolute blast checking into your music and researching your adventures…and quite honestly, I’m seriously impressed.  The songs that I’ve seen you cover aren’t just ‘songs’ per-se as they are ...
  • Vaultry

    Interview with Vaultry SBS:  Welcome Vaultry!  Big year coming up for your band, no doubt about it.  You’ve got your new kickass video for the single “No Victory” from the end of last year, the new video for “Ghost Writing” from the follow-up release to the Coven EP on the new full-album Eulogy out officially ...
  • Qifi

    Interview with Qifi SBS:  Hello & welcome to our pages Qifi!  Stoked to have you and looking forward to what you have to say to us all.  We’ve had a chance to check out the latest single “All You” and read about you…you’re 21, born & raised in California…you’re an EDM DJ and you’re got ...
  • Plike

    I had a positively awesome time talking music with Em from the electro-project known as Plike – what a cool lady! As we talk about all-things music, she’s extremely open and honest in her answers about what’s important in music and how the songs of Plike are formed and written…we talk personal-stuff, professional-stuff…and she’ll drop ...