Burning End – “Hide”

 Burning End – “Hide”

Dig this!

Burning End had me sold from the attitude you can find in the short & sweet description you can find with the new single/video for “Hide” that reads:  ‘The end is coming, you can hide or dance.  Either way works.’  That immediately brought a smile to my face.  Then I noticed the time stamp on the video posting…and you bet, this is as current as it gets…released just a couple days ago in early February into a world gone mad.  After already being impressed by these novelty-aspects of the song, when I finally got around to pushing play, it turns out Burning End has also put together an incredible combination of audio/visual for this new tune.  “Hide” is a supremely rad jam AND the visuals take the entire song/concept to that next level it deserved.  Truly excellent stuff – check it out!

Find more music by Burning End at the official YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCct1yt4cvgtjyyNcdm8VmGw

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