Blupa Music – “Precious You”

 Blupa Music – “Precious You”

Blupa Music – “Precious You” – Single Review

Kind of like a blend of Tom Petty, Pink Floyd and the Flaming Lips at the helm of the band…with perhaps a little pinch of musical-echoes from Supertramp and Jethro Tull. How’s THAT for a comparison?

Blupa Music is definitely creating an audibly pretty atmosphere through the latest single “Precious You,” which is an ode to a loved one somewhere out there. In its odd little way, there is a romantic feel & vibe to this new single and as it plods along at its gentle tempo…you can’t help but kind of fall for the mix of bizarre-meets-sweet that this track has to offer.

There’s a mellow flavour to the chorus-filtered acoustic guitar that opens up “Precious You.” As it brightens up as it plays through the lyrics and beat, Blupa Music seems to have created a rhythmic little ditty here, I can’t deny. As it heads towards the second minute, the space, music, atmosphere and instrumentation truly shine. Through the perfectly-played and well-toned solo towards the third minute you also get a fantastic guitar sound to add to the music with an excellent highlight moment.

All in all you get a great mix of two really strong elements through the vocal-side and the music-side of things. While the vocals in Blupa Music might be a polarizing issue for many listeners out there, for many that like the off-kilter love songs of Grandaddy or again, The Flaming Lips…you’ve got yourself an in here for sure. For others, this might be the determining factor that holds them back from instantly latching onto the Blupa Music sound. Musically, I think there’s a good, solid song here for sure…it’s well-played and well-mixed and in the instrumental parts of “Precious You,” the music truly shines.

So roll it all together and what have we got? “Precious You” makes for a melodic sound accompanied by sweet sentiment and gently eases its way towards the acceptance of your ears. That’s the thing about combinations of strong elements…sometimes it can take a while before your brain can adjust to what’s coming at it. With the warm and inviting style of this single bringing you in closely, it doesn’t take long before you feel that rhythm and genuinely sweet style start to win you over…even if it’s only a little bit at first. As it continues to play on melodically until the end, “Precious You” sparkles with subtleness along its gentle beat, mellowed guitar and heartfelt song-writing delivered strongly through the vocal-style and uniquely sentimental & real performance from Blupa Music.

Interesting mix and combination in this music that definitely kept it both smooth and entertaining throughout with good writing that includes a spotlight on both music and vocals. “Precious You” was worth several spins over here…I always like hearing the sound of a singer that has confidence and clearly believes in what their song is about…and I think Blupa Music has that a lot of excellent elements working in favour of the music as well. In my opinion…seems like a project that can only continue to get stronger as it progresses through the years – and with such an identifiable sound already secured this could become recognizable music very quickly.

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