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Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You” / ”Hey Boy”

Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You”/”Hey Boy” – Singles Review Definitely a vibe that I can appreciate here big time on these two latest singles from Cheena Black Monrow – this is authentic music made with real style & full of the artistic-grace you can find amongst the best in R&B combined with dynamic […]Read More

Madison Park + Beechkraft – MIX

Madison Park + Beechkraft – MIX – Album Review I can’t even begin to explain… I know that sounds like the opening entry into the journal of a fourteen-year old…but let me explain… Have you ever just needed the perfect sound to come on to level out your mood and bring you back to where […]Read More

Trevor Petrie And The War Of Ideas – “Intersection”

Trevor Petrie And The War Of Ideas – “Intersection” – Single Review Armed with warm, inviting tones and melodies – Trevor Petrie And The War Of Ideas have just released the brand new single “Intersection” all the way from Australia to my eardrums over here in Canada. That alone is impressive; let’s not forget how […]Read More

Execution 22 – “In Your System”

Execution 22 – “In Your System” – Single Review Yep…this works! I dig the darkness in the rock-music of Execution 22 here on “In Your System,” it has just the right amount of edge & just the right amount of attitude. Blending elements of grunge, post-punk and hard-rock…it’s not quite metal per se, it’s right […]Read More

Miles Jacob – Narcissus

Miles Jacob – Narcissus – Album Review This album makes for one incredibly in-depth and flat-out awesome listening experience. As I picked up on the influences that have impacted Miles Jacob over his time as a musician, I couldn’t say them any better than he has actually listed himself on his social-media pages. Key giants […]Read More

Earl Ray Da Ogre – The Manster

Earl Ray Da Ogre – The Manster – EP Review You know…if I looked back to the early episodes of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, or maybe even the show before that, MTV’s Rob & Big…I’d see those first moments where Rob’s cohost and cohort known as Big Black first began to jump onto the mic. […]Read More

Various Artists – James Eagle

Various Artists – James Eagle – Album Review James Eagle…not only the title of this mashed-up, vibrant mix of the brightest & best in sound from these various artists blended together, but also the name of the man & mind behind it all. And when I say ‘brightest & best in sound’ – I’m not […]Read More

The Quiet Room – All The Frozen Horses

The Quiet Room – All The Frozen Horses – Album Review Where do I start this? Ha! Even better…WHEN do I officially start this? I feel like I’ve been listening to this new album from Australia’s new alt/rock/electro experiment The Quiet Room for nearly a month and not really known how to express how I […]Read More

Stocatta – Go Up

Stocatta – Go Up – Album Review Ever since I reviewed the Stocatta single “My Love Leave” I’ve been anxiously awaiting to hear what might come next. Knowing that there was a full album to come out just around the corner…it wasn’t long at all before the new set of songs on Go Up found […]Read More

R3NP – “Siberia”

R3NP – “Siberia” – Single Review Sometimes I like to reach for something so different from the last sound I’m hearing you’d swear there are multiple personalities within me pushing the play-button on new music here at the studio. I suppose I’ve always kind of enjoyed that contrast wherever I can find it; I used […]Read More

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