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Mountain Mirrors – Asylum Acres

Mountain Mirrors – Asylum Acres – EP Review Gonna have to restrain myself from an endless array of Travis Meeks stories. At the outset of Asylum Acres, the new EP from Mountain Mirrors, you’d have to be crazy not to hear a comparison between this talented group and the mid 90’s band Days Of The […]Read More

The Ghost Of Brooklyn – YouTube Singles

The Ghost Of Brooklyn – YouTube Singles – Review Typically…I’d be the last person to ever say you should let your music or career rest on the strength of a gimmick; but with that being said, if you ARE going to, this might be the route to go. Did you realize that there is actually […]Read More

Cikatri$ – Aie ! – le trois

Cikatri$ – Aie ! – le trois – EP Review I want it on record that I was interested in the sound of Cikatri$ long before I ACTUALLY figured out what was taking place on the third track…and we’ll get to that in a moment or two here… Before that, I want to examine this […]Read More

Bryan Emerson – “Don’t Say Those Words”

Bryan Emerson – “Don’t Say Those Words” – Single Review It’s like a personal anthem! Not for me…my job IS to say those words…whatever those words might be; I meant Bryan – I’ve attempted to get a hold of him pre-review here and came up short for conversation big time. Hey, it happens from time […]Read More

Barbara Levy Daniels – Come Dance With Me

Barbara Levy Daniels – Come Dance With Me – Album Review Here’s a lady with some real style! You know it’s interesting…I’ve often heard this style of jazz before – but almost all of the experiences I’ve had…at least that I can remember…seemed to come with a male set of vocals attached to it. So […]Read More

Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You” / ”Hey Boy”

Cheena Black Monrow – “I Love You”/”Hey Boy” – Singles Review Definitely a vibe that I can appreciate here big time on these two latest singles from Cheena Black Monrow – this is authentic music made with real style & full of the artistic-grace you can find amongst the best in R&B combined with dynamic […]Read More

Madison Park + Beechkraft – MIX

Madison Park + Beechkraft – MIX – Album Review I can’t even begin to explain… I know that sounds like the opening entry into the journal of a fourteen-year old…but let me explain… Have you ever just needed the perfect sound to come on to level out your mood and bring you back to where […]Read More

Trevor Petrie And The War Of Ideas – “Intersection”

Trevor Petrie And The War Of Ideas – “Intersection” – Single Review Armed with warm, inviting tones and melodies – Trevor Petrie And The War Of Ideas have just released the brand new single “Intersection” all the way from Australia to my eardrums over here in Canada. That alone is impressive; let’s not forget how […]Read More

Execution 22 – “In Your System”

Execution 22 – “In Your System” – Single Review Yep…this works! I dig the darkness in the rock-music of Execution 22 here on “In Your System,” it has just the right amount of edge & just the right amount of attitude. Blending elements of grunge, post-punk and hard-rock…it’s not quite metal per se, it’s right […]Read More

Miles Jacob – Narcissus

Miles Jacob – Narcissus – Album Review This album makes for one incredibly in-depth and flat-out awesome listening experience. As I picked up on the influences that have impacted Miles Jacob over his time as a musician, I couldn’t say them any better than he has actually listed himself on his social-media pages. Key giants […]Read More

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