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Delilah – Sings Sarah + 1

Delilah – Sings Sarah + 1 – EP Review The ‘Sarah’ in the title refers to famous jazz singer Sarah Vaughan from the 1940’s-ish era, and also points to solo-artist Delilah’s pure love for her music & sound. With this EP, Delilah Sings Sarah + 1 cover of another renowned artist, Nat King Cole, in […]Read More

Jason Kerrison & The Hip Op-eration Crew

Jason Kerrison & The Hip Op-eration Crew Official Press Release & Video!  “I Don’t Care What They Think!” The World’s Oldest Dance Group: The Hip Op-eration Crew has joined forces with kiwi musician Jason Kerrison to make a music video to Kerrison’s song “I don’t care what they think.” The video had its international release […]Read More

HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me

HidNTrackz – The Misconceptions Of Me – EP Review Exceptional! HidNTrackz has shown up for the recording, yessir! From what I can hear on The Misconceptions Of Me EP, and what I’ve learned from a few back & forth messages…well…seems like a pretty good guy looking to bring a little honesty to his own music […]Read More

Lauren Kaur Dhamu – Only Human

Lauren Kaur Dhamu – Only Human – EP Review Let me tell ya all about what I wasn’t expecting to hear when I pushed play on Lauren Kaur Dhamu’s latest EP, it was the male-vocal sample that starts out the beginning of the title-track “Only Human.” At the time of, all I had to go […]Read More

Dead Wood – Soundcloud Singles

Dead Wood – “The Queen And The Peasant,” “Saint,” “Send Me A Sign” – Singles Reviewed Brilliant day here at the studio to have the music up loud listening to all kinds of unique sounds making up the fantastic year for independent music that 2015 has really become already. As I jump into the latest […]Read More

Adam Ray – The Clown Parade

Adam Ray – The Clown Parade – Album Review Now here’s a brave soldier. I’m not just talking about braving the pages of the internet here at sleepingbagstudios by handing us a country-album to pick apart…that pales in comparison to the struggles and obstacles I’m sure that Adam Ray has overcome in order to get […]Read More

Young Pandas – Enigmas

Young Pandas – Enigmas – Album Review This is the energy that I need right now to wake me up. I’ve been on my grind again; passing the 300th mark for reviews officially with #301 right here with Young Pandas, the opening cut “Say What You Mean” starts off Enigmas with the musical equivalent of […]Read More

Audiobender – Reverb

Audiobender – Reverb – Album Review Alright…let’s see if Audiobender can keep this day headed in the right musical direction! Definitely feeling good about the potential here for another great album coming to us this morning as the new album Reverb starts out rocking hard & fast with “Alright With Me.” The good-times and good-music […]Read More

Count The Thief – New Role

Count The Thief – New Role – Album Review There are qualities that are undoubtedly as captivating and stand out to your eardrums as they are to mine that will grab you instantly as “Lights” starts this new album from Bangkok-based band Count The Thief begins the intense experience of their New Role. I’m just […]Read More

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