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Don Puglisi – Bubbles Of Light

Don Puglisi – Bubbles Of Light – EP Review Some good indie-rock put forth here from Don Puglisi. Clearly a seasoned musician that’s got experience and a rich understanding of how to create captivating tapestries of rock that transform themselves and expand into beautiful melodies, solos and overall performances. In those very first opening moments […]Read More

Club 803 – Cloud 9

Club 803 – Cloud 9 – Album Review A lot of different aspects of music on display here on this latest album from Club 803, some of them work in spectacularly bright & colourful displays of R&B and hip-hop; others perhaps reveal a group that is still on their way to finding their overall sound […]Read More

Michael Castaldo – “Everything Happens For A Reason”

Michael Castaldo – “Everything Happens For A Reason” – Single Review Anyone remember Starship? Come on…you do so and you rockers out there secretly loved pumping your fists to the big-beat anthems of love and empowerment they created. Something very similar happening here decades later here in our present-day with Michael Castaldo’s spiritual new song […]Read More

Chaz Chambers – “Calming Pressures”

Chaz Chambers – “Calming Pressures” – Single Review What a refreshing, pure and beautiful sound coming to us from the mind of Chaz Chambers. His new single, “Calming Pressures,” features a host of musicians in collaboration all combining their talents in a summation of inventive rock, intense melody and one absolutely killer song. And if […]Read More

Active I – Earth Is Dead, But We’re Alive

Active I – Earth Is Dead, But We’re Alive – Album Review Definitely something I can instantly sink my teeth right into from the very opening moments. I honestly don’t even know what Active I has used to start off the opening track “Common Man,” but the haunting tones of the beginning of Earth Is […]Read More

Draw Hard

Draw Hard – Movie Preview – TurnStyle Films Here’s an interesting story about a guy I feel like I can relate to. You see, comic-book artist and illustrator John G. and I both suffer from a disease known as ‘resting bitch face,’ whereby everyone you’ve just shared a room with wonders ‘what the hell was […]Read More

Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves

Modest Mouse – Strangers To Ourselves – Album Review I’ll admit – I got on the Modest Mouse bandwagon fairly late…just at the crest of the release of Good News For People Who Love Bad News; and then ravenously devoured their entire back catalogue. Forever astounded by just how real their music can be; it’s […]Read More

The Atif – Singles

The Atif – Michael Jackson – Rock Tributes I’ve had some pretty profound impacts upon my life that I suppose I’ve attempted my best to see what life would be like to actually be heroes of mine like Michael Stipe, Henry Rollins or Dave Grohl…or at least somewhat of a combination, so I humbly say […]Read More

Lee Williams – “The Pit And The Pendulum”

Lee Williams – “The Pit And The Pendulum” – Single Review This is an extremely tough one, coming to me on a day of sheer outstanding excellence so far…I can’t tell you just how much I WANT to support all the great talent I can hear in this new single from Lee Williams…because I truly […]Read More

Lovesucker – Lovesucker

Lovesucker – Lovesucker – EP Review It’s been an excellent day in the studio here. Started it off interviewing the fantastically-talented Kristia Di Gregorio and now here I get to continue on this wicked start with even more great music coming through my speakers courtesy of Lovesucker. This new self-titled EP has a high-level of […]Read More

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