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Dex – “50 Shades Of Green” (Feat. Jynx)

I mean…y’all already KNOW I support the greens as much as I can, so supporting the release of Dex’s new-cut released on the infamous-date of 4/20 this year is certainly an easy thing for us to do!  “50 Shades Of Green” not only has a theme we can relate to – it also has an […]Read More

Malik Stone – Soundcloud Singles

Malik Stone – Singles Review I tell ya…it’s a good thing some people out there have an excellent sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously when it comes to interacting with me behind the scenes.  Case in point, the artist in our review this morning – the talented Malik Stone…who discovered the same […]Read More

Troy Lindsey – “Runners” Feat. Eden Moody

Troy Lindsey – “Runners” Feat. Eden Moody – Single Review Troy Lindsey returns to our pages with a brand-new muse to assist him in his latest single “Runners.”  Troy’s strengths have always shown in his writing through the past music we’ve reviewed, back when he was formerly accompanied by the talented Bosaya.  While Troy has […]Read More

Blue Moon Harem – Deep Into Blue Pre-Release

Blue Moon Harem – Singles Review No lie…it’s nearly 5am here in Ottawa, Ontario…and what I needed was some musical-fuel to stoke my fire in effort to keep me awake just a little bit longer.  So I pulled out the big-guns…some singles collected from the upcoming release called Deep Into Blue – and low and […]Read More

King Leo – Revival

King Leo – Revival – Album Review Had to realign and readjust my ears to accept this album the way it should be heard…that’s not on King Leo, that’s completely on me.  Been a while now since I felt like I jumped into the authentic-world of Blues-music…just always seems to be a style of music […]Read More

The Quality Of Mercury – Transmission

The Quality Of Mercury – Transmission – Album Review How I didn’t pick up on how this album got here and seemed so familiar to me…I’ll never know!  Somewhere back in…like February I think…I ended up working on a bio-writing project for The Quality Of Mercury and actually had my first experiences with the music […]Read More

0113 – The Pit (Live @ The Fairview Pub 2013)

If you know anything about who we are, what we do or have watched or listened to anything we’ve done at all…then you already know just how much we love the music of Vancouver’s heavy-rock/grunge band The Pit.  Shortly after their bass-player moved on to wine-country in Kelowna, BC – The Pit began to emerge […]Read More

Buck Rodgers – “The Good Life”

Buck Rodgers – “The Good Life” – Singles Review That’s RIGHT…one song listed but it’s a singles-review – no typos here, just plain facts! Buck Rodgers is just getting ready to serve-up a brilliantly rubbery slice of Electro, called “The Good Life” right around the corner on a full-album release on June 6th of this […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 049

Part II of our interview with Vancouver Rock-band Whiskey Kings!  They finish their time with us in style and we take a look/listen to more exclusive in-studio performances from the five-piece and feature new videos from Roger Cole & Paul Barrere, Honey Beard and put the spotlight on the music of The Mountain Says No […]Read More

0112 – LoMega Album II

Was really cool to see this guy again after about a decade of wondering whatever became of him.  Meeting Lomega actually pre-dates anything to do with SBS by a significant chunk of time…when we first met the dude he was just breaking into the club scene and starting to rhyme on stages where he’d been […]Read More

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