Year: 2016

Mel Monaco – “Single Again”

Mel Monaco – “Single Again” – Single Review A short, dramatic tune from Pop/R&B/Soul-singer Mel Monaco with her new song “Single Again;” in a powerful & edgy tune…the theatrical nature of the performance and music will grip you firmly. There’s something nearly Amy Winehouse-ish about the song…and overall it’s a cleverly written song that plays […]Read More

Bad Reed – Bad Reed

Bad Reed – Bad Reed – EP Review I think…hmm…how do I put this? Could I be any MORE excited about this music from Bad Reed? And I’ll answer my own question today…no…no I could not. Not only is Bad Reed a fantastic example of a band & sound that would quite easily make my […]Read More

Rainy Day Crush – Calamity!

Rainy Day Crush – Calamity! – EP Review Powerful stuff out of Milwaukee! I don’t know if I can recall anything else I’ve reviewed from there…so this might be what the entire scene sounds like; and what a diverse and charming place that would make to live, wouldn’t it? Okay…maybe I have the advantage of […]Read More

Mycenea Worley – Siren

Mycenea Worley – Siren – EP Review Nice! Instantly got that chill of something special coming our way this morning when starting up the immaculately-produced Siren EP by Mycenea Worley. Full of excellent acoustic/soul rhythms, grooves and melodies – from the moment that Siren’s title-track begins the experience you can hear the professional approach that’s […]Read More

An Electronic Hero – Isoipstar

An Electronic Hero – Isoipstar – EP Review I really dig the amount of emotion that An Electronic Hero has put into the electro music that stems from the mind of Federico Foria and brought to vibrant life with performances from guest stars with talents for vocals that range in a whole bunch of styles. […]Read More

L.A. Davis – “Change (Nothing To Lose)”

L.A. Davis – “Change (Nothing To Lose)” – Single Review Cool stuff from the UK’s L.A. Davis! I don’t know if anyone else out there remembers the band King Cobb Steelie…I used to love that band…felt like they were ahead of their time and never really got the chance to succeed with a very unique, […]Read More

Catalina Shortwave – Radio Voodoo: Songs From The Dark End

Catalina Shortwave – Radio Voodoo: Songs From The Dark End Of The Dial – Album Review Impressive growth from this band! It was like…what – two years ago since we last reviewed some music from Catalina Shortwave? Somewhere around there…not too much escapes this brain of mine when it comes to music…I remember Catalina Shortwave […]Read More

Wondercat – Kitty Purry: Escape From Maniac Mountain

Wondercat – Kitty Purry: Escape From Maniac Mountain – EP Review I totally used to get this high. Those days were long ago…now I’m old & just chasing that dragon. Believe me…I’ve lived in BC, Canada all my life so far…and I’ve definitely had my share of trips or two…I still get high – but […]Read More

David Serero – All My Love Is For You

David Serero – All My Love Is For You – Album Review You wanna know something that makes it extremely difficult when trying to dissect a new album, style or sound to your ears? Reading something that in the band or artist in-questions profile or social media and finding out that they’re also a comedian […]Read More

Stormy Mondays – Wading The River

Stormy Mondays – Wading The River – EP Review These guys got the ol’ hamster running hard on its wheel trying to power my brain-up to describe my thoughts on this one! Stormy Mondays…a folk-rock band from…well…from Spain…I’m 99% sure about that even though I don’t quite have all the facts and some of the […]Read More

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