Month: September 2016

Morrow’s Memory – Take Control

Morrow’s Memory – Take Control – EP Review Morrow’s Memory…you can just go right ahead and sign me the fuck right up.  To whatever really…fan-club, e-mails, x-mas cards…doesn’t really matter to me as long as we stay connected with each other.  I’m PSYCHED, PUMPED…STOKED…AMPED…a whole LOT of ED words when it comes to the scorching […]Read More

Sincere – “So Far Away” Feat. Davoted

Sincere – “So Far Away” Feat. Davoted – Single Review Pretty sure this collaborative effort between Sincere and Davoted works…seems to me that for the most part the idea they’re after is a mission-accomplished.  Their new single “So Far Away” has a few minor issues amongst massive ambition…there’s a bit of stuff I’d change but […]Read More

Natalie Jean – “Red Room”

Natalie Jean – “Red Room” – Single Review Sleek single from singer/songwriter Natalie Jean – “Red Room” hits the mark.  A hypnotic rhythm assembled through the combination of her vocal talent and the stunning music around her – “Red Room” solidly pulses along in a captivating atmosphere that holds your attention firmly as it plays.  […]Read More

Rich Piedra – Love Fantasy

Rich Piedra – Love Fantasy – EP Review Allow me to play the role of Captain Obvious for a moment and point out the fact that, by album-cover alone…it was a pretty safe assumption that we’ve got ourselves one of them real guitar lovin’ dudes here with Rich Piedra.  Just so we’re all aware – […]Read More

G.H. Hat – “Primal”

G.H. Hat – “Primal” – Single Review There are a couple ways of examining this new single from EDM/Trip-Hop artist/electro-wizard G.H. Hat.  If I’m judging “Primal” on what I like to hear personally…this quite easily makes the grade.  I dig the Trip-Hop genre probably more than most genres out there…and the low-end synth-sounds meeting the […]Read More

0137 – Shmolts Album II

Still one of our biggest supporters – you can see lead-singer/band-leader Jay Serrao pop-up on our pages with likes & comments ever since we connected way-back-when in 2013 to do a video interview.  It was quite an undertaking…Shmolts is an internet collaboration…we ended up getting all kinds of footage from different members of the band […]Read More

Pauline Frechette – “Love In The Afternoon”

Pauline Frechette – “Love In The Afternoon” Feat. Stanley Clarke – Single Review The world-class vocals of Pauline Frechette are making the rounds on the internet once again with the single “Love In The Afternoon” featuring Stanley Clarke already taking on an impressive average of about 10000 hits per month on her Soundcloud page.  Keep […]Read More

Cassiroc – Chorus Cartel

Cassiroc – Chorus Cartel – Album Review Looks like we’ve got an artist from right here in local Ontario…right from the musical-heart of it all in Toronto – Cassiroc.  Certainly on the different side of the scale…this one-man electronic pop/rock project combines captivating ideas and an original sound that roams through an insightful amount of […]Read More

Cinco Santos – “Un Poco De Ti”

Cinco Santos – “Un Poco De Ti” – Single Review One of the reasons that I’ve always been extremely open to listening to music made in another language is the extreme ability that the perspective gives you in breaking everything we hear down.  With the lyrics in Spanish – essentially I’m lost on what the […]Read More

Convey – “Speed Dial”

Convey – “Speed Dial” – Video Release/Review If there’s one thing that a strong song deserves in today’s day & age, it’s a strong set of visuals to go with it.  I’ve often commented on how the people out there, we people – the listeners, actually need something to move us onscreen before we get […]Read More