0188 – The Pit Recording Sessions

 0188 – The Pit Recording Sessions

In 2014 we took a shot at officially recording Vancouver grunge-rock band The Pit for a split single between their songs “Closer” and “The Machine.”  Unfortunately, we missed the mark…admittedly, we were cleaning these gnarly beasts up too much in the mix when we should have been concentrating on bringing their live-sound to the session.  Definitely learned a lot during this time and certainly realized that some bands are much more suited to recording live off the floor when it comes to what you’re looking for in the end results – The Pit is one of those bands, absolutely.  All that being said – it was another part of our history that we’re certainly proud of and good times were completely had by all – we all still remain the best of friends to this very day.  And in other great news – the brothers Tyler & Trev Hutton are still kicking all the ass out there on stage as a duo now and writing brand new material this year in 2017.  I’ve already heard some demos and I’m fuckin’ stoked to hear what I’ve heard so far.  Also shown in these pictures from back in the day are Scott Lubchynski their former bass player and good ol’ Andy, best friend to the band and the most sincere supporter of The Pit I’ve ever had the privilege to meet – you’ll see him at damn near every show they play!



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