0153 – Overdose Demo Sessions 2013 Album II

 0153 – Overdose Demo Sessions 2013 Album II

Here’s the Tyler Mayfield’s FACE edition!

When we had Overdose in the studio in 2013 shortly prior to their breaking-up, we pulled off the beginnings of lots of spectacular stuff that never fully made it out of the can including a rad track they were working on called “Beauty Queen,” music-videos & live-cuts etc.  During one of the songs (or perhaps several) we set up a camera directly in front of lead-singer Tyler Mayfield’s FACE and let it record the guy grunging it up & screaming it out from only a couple inches away.  So…yeah…in this particular section of the photo-album, you get a whole ton of shots of the dude’s mug right up close & personal…and a few band shots in there somewhere too – enjoy!



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