0129 – The Pit (Live @ The Cellar 2013) Album II

 0129 – The Pit (Live @ The Cellar 2013) Album II

This night was a real victory despite all odds.  SBS pulled in a whole bunch of people to watch & listen to Vancouver’s hard-rock/grunge band The Pit @ The Cellar in 2013 – first time for the boys to play there and they were STOKED.  We not only managed to grab a whole crowd of people to check out the show, we decked this one out and got a pro soundboard recording of the concert.  The bad news…maybe the boys were TOO stoked to play – the soundboard recording ended up telling the tale of a band that gave their all to the performance and maybe mighta just kinda missed a note or two along the way…

…okay…that’s the nice way of putting it – it was fucking CHAOS in The Cellar that night.  The Pit played their hearts out to a wild’n’out crowd that never quit.  So pumped-up about the show and letting out the frustration of wild’n’out in a few songs themselves – they destroyed the place at the end of the night with feedback exploding from Trevor Hutton’s guitar-cab and the entire stage littered with pieces of Tyler Hutton’s drum-kit by the end.  Proving that you can always dig-deep and create a monster-win out of even the buggiest of nights on stage – The Cellar show was great to watch as The Pit pulled themselves out of the weeds to put on a seriously entertaining set full of quirks and mind-blasting rock in 2013.  Check out the pictures!



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